Aligning people, technology, processes, and philosophy to maximize client retention and stockolder value

 Technical and Business Consulting

Maximizing years of experience in the field we can assist you with exploring your technology needs and improving business effectiveness and efficiency.

The first step in any good Technical or Business Consulting is examining your current enviroment and estabilishing what your true long term goals are. Any consultant that starts making recommendations, without first know your business processes should set off alarm bells for you.

We are always exploring the latest innovations in technolgoy and business process, so we can help you make a best fit integration without disrupting your current operation. At NextAge we have a thrist for continuing knowlege.

When it comes to Business Management, wheter it be changing to Client Centric Marketing and service or team member empowerment, its not enough to just set a lofty goal and have "team building excursions", we believe in setting true measurable goals and then achieving those results. Its great to say that Client Centricy and team empowerment improve your bottom line, but we Prove It!

The challenges are even higher when your Franchising. Whether your are at the beginning of Franching your business, trying to grow your frachise, or rewriting your franchise operation manuals our management partnership with Management 2000 will help you achieve your goals.

Although Search Engine Optomization is important, there is alot more to a comprehinsive plan. If your just being told to develop a good list of keywords and running Google Adwords, you are being short changed. It does you no good to increase the traffic to your site, if your bounce rate is high. Build it and they will come, may be true, but if you want them to stick around, you had better plan for that. We help you analize your copy to make sure it is customer centric and will maximize client retention.

Once you have a coherent marketing plan and launch it, its not time to sit back and relax. We can help you build the analytics to monitor your goals and continue to maximize the work you have done so far. Then to take your business to the next level we use Big Data techniques and technology to analize your internal data, your marketing date, and several public databases to discover hidden patterns that you can take advantage of to focus on your most profitable segments.